Sex before / outwith marriage

After watching Question Time last night, Jedi Rev was all for heading off to bed, but was enticed by the last in a series of reports from the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly (it’s not on the iPlayer yet – boo hiss!).   This isn’t another blog about their homosexuality debates, but rather a little noticed appendix to the Mission and Discipleship Council’s report – specifically in relation to sex.   You can read the report here, head down to page 93 (section 7.3), to see “A Revisionist Approach” to sex outside of marriage.

Jedi Rev is astonished that in the CofS assembly, floor time is given to people who people who don’t just use the rules to skip away from Biblical truth, but will make statements like this:

…the prohibition on fornication found in Leviticus belongs to the code of prohibitions regarding cleanliness, which it is not clear to us today are of the essence of our moral responsibilities in following Christ.

Great.    It gets better:

…the era in which Scripture was written knew little of the delay between puberty and marriage which is typical today. Is it realistic, the revisionist asks, to expect young people to refrain from sex for ten to twenty years while they wait for marriage?

Jedi Rev would love to here from any evangelicals who got up and said, “Yes, it’s realistic… God never commands something he doesn’t give the grace to comply with.”   The idea that this is all just immoral stuff that we’d be embarrassed to let our kids hear, and irrelevant to the essence of the Gospel is just bogus.   The moral purity set in the example of Jesus – based on these same Levitical codes – is exactly what God requires in order to declare someone holy!   If we start discounting it as invalid for our modern era, we have to ask what exactly was the Son of God doing living under the uncompromising demands of the Torah?   Was it not something to do with the imputation of righteousness, a la Paul’s exclamation in Philippians 3!

The Gospel is at stake, here, not just conservative attitudes.


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  1. JediRev,

    Now, I’m worried. What’s the quote? “Be afraid, be very afraid” but then we remember that perfect love casts out all fear.

    D H (Glasgow)

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