Guns, Apartheid and American Christian Attitudes

The Jedirev was thinking about South African apartheid today – and how bravely and humbly, most Christians in South Africa came to realise it was a great moral evil, they repented of it, and lo, terrifying though it was, the sky did not collapse, but apartheid did.   In truth, history is replete with examples of Christians leading the trend in identifying moral evils common-place in our societies, repenting of them, and change coming – the West African slave trade being just one other example.

Today, around 30 people were probably killed with the help of hand guns in America. With 5% of the world’s population, they have 50% of the world’s privately owned guns – one for just about each of their citizens. Like apartheid in South Africa, America’s problem with gun crime is not going to disappear until most Christians there realise owning a killing tool, and keeping it in your home is a great moral evil, it must be repented of, and that while their second amendment does not hold the sky up, it is holding gun deaths up at an unacceptably high level.

The American Christians I know are brave, and capable of tremendous humility. My question is, when are they going to exercise these Christ-like characteristics in connection to gun ownership?