Mid-week Meetings – 3

We’ve looked at what goes on at our Wednesday night meeting, and who these meetings are for.   This week, we’ll reflect on what role they play in our fellowship.

When there are less than a dozen people gathered for prayer or bible study, that group can have a very intimate “feel” to it, and we can feel free to be open, for example, about items they want to share for prayer.   There’s an old expression, people who pray together stay together – it’s one of the blessings of close fellowship.

Our midweek meeting is steadily growing – last week we had over a dozen attending.   Growing numbers like this means the “feel” may change.   How can we guard against, for example, Wednesday nights might becoming less intimate, or “just another meeting” – when in fact, they should be central in binding together our fellowship as a congregation?   While the intimacy of our meetings might change, we need to be sure they have the same vitality we currently enjoy.   Remembering three things might help us:

  1. Vitality – or life – only comes from the Holy Spirit.   Come to the midweek meeting prayerfully: don’t just expect or assume it will be a time of blessing, come asking God to be at work in you and others.
  2. Fellowship – or Christian unity – is always costly.   Of course we should come to these meetings hoping God will speak to us, and help us.   But cultivate the costly attitude Paul writes about in Philippians 2 – seek the good of others first.
  3. The example of Jesus: he did have the 12, and they were close, but also had a closer bond with Peter, James and John.   Next week, we’ll look at this in a bit more detail.