Worth a read – and huge qudos to Rachel Miller: ploughing through NT Wright is no mean feat.

A Daughter of the Reformation

“I do not think Jesus “knew he was God” in the same sense that one knows one is tired or happy, male or female. He did not sit back and say to himself, ‘Well, I never! I’m the second person of the Trinity!’ ( N.T. Wright, The Meaning of Jesus, 154).”

I have found from time to time that the Jesus I knew by faith seemed less and less like the Jesus I was discovering by history (The Meaning of Jesus, 25).

N.T. Wright, formerly Bishop of Durham, is well-known for his association with the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) and for his staunch defense of the bodily resurrection of Jesus. I was first introduced to Wright’s books through a pastor who thought Wright had been unfairly criticized. The pastor encouraged me to read him for myself and not to be swayed by unfavorable reviews. He told me…

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    • No tother a ball, as they say. But (and this isn’t remotely your fault) I’m still not entirely clear and what NT Wright sets up as a serious alternative. Actually, that’s how I feel about a lot of the NPP stuff, it’s great at seeming to deconstruct centuries of Reformed thought, but I can’t figure out exactly what they are building in it’s place. Sometimes it seems Romish, other times neo-pagan… but very little light.

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