Worth a read. This is well thought out, and expresses the concerns we have about Roman Catholic doctrine, and it’s implications.

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A Commentary by D. Scott Meadows, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church (Reformed) of Exeter, New Hampshire

Joseph Ratzinger (a.k.a. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI) just announced his resignation from the Papacy by the end of this month, February 2013. The process of selecting a successor has begun, with all of this garnering much attention in the news media. As a theologian and pastoral leader, my conscience constrains me to comment.

Years ago I was asked my opinion about the new Cardinal of Boston. I replied, “That’s like asking me about the new captain of a pirate ship. The whole enterprise is illegitimate.” I do not deny that these events may have momentous implications, but I strongly and solemnly protest the show of reverence and awe for such men and for this religious institution even from those who should know better.

A great champion of the biblical faith once wrote a…

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    • Part of the problem in the modern age – you can’t disagree with anyone without being labelled an “extremist” or a “bigot”. Why don’t you try responding (Biblically) to the issues, instead of making ad hominem attacks?

      Also wondering, where did this appear on Facebook? :-S I get very confused by the interconnections on the interwebz.

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