Ravi Zacharias on Atheism

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Ravi Zacharias is a Christian philosopher and apologist.   In this interview, he analyses the mocking tendencies of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins.   He points out that the antagonism and mockery Dawkins encourages, reveals a deep-rooted hatred, and correctly points out such behaviour has no place in civil society.

Its worth remembering this lesson – ideas can be discussed, but people, even those we disagree with, should not become the butt of jokes or animosity.   Worth a watch.

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One thought on “Ravi Zacharias on Atheism

  1. As a member in the military, I see a wide variety of people with varied levels of religious or atheistic devotion. With the popularity of Dawkins and Hitchens and others, my evangelistic atheist friends have definitely taken this advice to heart. On the one hand, it’s great because it gives us opportunities to discuss. On the other hand, it’s surprising to see the antagonism and anger in their minds at the emotion. As Ravi says, so often they seem “driven by hate.” As much as they talk about tolerance, respect, and civility, I’ve seen too little practiced.

    Then again, we Christians sometimes are just as guilty of terrible treatment of those for whom Christ died, those whom God loves. I’m typing as I listen to this, and sure enough, now Ravi is talking about seeking winning a soul instead of destroying opposition. He’s fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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