They’re Coming to Get Your Children….!

Excellent blog post from David Robertson. State education is the latest front. Time we realised this, and got our heads out of the sand.

They’re Coming to get Your Children….!

There is a real and present danger to children in Scotland’s schools.  Thankfully Scotland’s newspapers are on hand to enlighten us and warn us about this upsetting, disturbing and dangerous threat.  The Daily Record, led the way with an incisive piece of enlightened reporting, and then The Scotsman joined in with its greater understanding and in-depth analysis.   No – we are not talking about paedophilia, drug dealers, Satanists or recruiters for the Hitler youth.  We are talking about something far more shocking – people who don’t believe in evolution and who think homosexuality is a sin.  At this moment in time, thanks to this shock revelation through our intrepid and fearless press, parents all over Scotland should be locking up their children and conducting background checks into all their acquaintances lest they too fall prey to this evil.

The story so far.   Kirktonholme Primary…

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