Jedi Rev

I own a lightsaber and I’m a minister in the Free Church of Scotland.   I’m the Jedirev.

Statement of Faith & Beliefs (the important stuff):
sola scriptura – the Bible alone is our rule of faith ‘n’ manners, when it comes to God and all things his, its best to start and finish with what he’s given us in special revelation.

sola gratia – I rejoice in a salvation that is entirely God’s doing, given to me freely in Christ, and secured not by my subsequent obedience, but the eternal satisfaction God the Father finds in God the Son.

sola fide – faith, not works, is all my God asks: that I trust my very life in his hands, as I am led by the God the Spirit, who enables faith.   Of course, faith without works is dead, so lets us show our faith by our works.

solus Christus – Christ alone is the author of salvation, but he so much more, the creator and sustainer of the universe, the revelation of the divine glory of God, the reconciliation between God and man.

soli Deo gloria – God alone deserves the glory; my guide for life is the question, “Who gets the glory?” – often I fail here, but praise be, he still gets the glory in the end.

Oh, yeah… by the way, I’m a Calvinist – but not the “dour Scottish” stereotype.

Jedi Stuff
I’m alarmed at the number of people who visit this blog and assume that I mix Christian Theology with the Jedi-mythos.   To be clear, I don’t.   Calling myself Jedirev was a bit of silliness that started a few years ago, because, as I said, I’m a minister and I own a lightsaber (actually, it’s long since broken – and my wife may have consigned it to the trash).   Star Wars is science fantasy – it is not real, Jedi mind tricks don’t work (although, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for), and as a world-view  it’s seriously deficient (not least because, with our level of technology, you can’t complete your Jedi training and build your own lightsaber).

And while today Jediism is a bit of an odd “religion” remember, it only came about because George Lucas writes some aweful dialogue.   Admiral Motti is dismissive of Vader’s confidence in The Force, saying, “Your sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you enough clairvoyance to find the rebels’ hidden fortress…”   If people want to build a religion on a piece of typically hammy George Lucas dialogue, go for it – but it’s a rubbish epistemology.   (What ever nonsense was spawned in Episodes I – III is the Jedi equivalent of the Gospel of Judas – a late Gnostic addition to the accepted orthodox canon.)

But let’s get one thing clear. Obi Wan did say, “For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire.”   I’m not sure that goal is dishonourable.

Gordon Matheson
Sinner saved by Grace

Sleat & Strath Free Church of Scotland


3 thoughts on “Jedi Rev

  1. Hey Hey Brooksrobinson!

    The Free Church of Scotland is a fairly small Scottish denomination (<10,000 professing members across about 90 congregations, more heavily represented in or from the rural North West of Scotland). That being said, we are still allegedly the largest organised fellowship of Evangelicals in the UK, and one of the largest in Europe.

    We are Reformed, Presbyterian, Evangelical, but that order varies depending on who you talk to. We adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith as a comprehensive statement of faith, and while that’s in many ways a positive thing, it has also contributed to the very fractious nature of the Scottish presbyterian churches. (To date, I can list about half a dozen groups who all hold to the same theology, but still connived to have little in common!)

    As with many churches today we are going through a period of tension. Many look back to former days and, seeing the blessing there, wish to remain conformed to an isolated, older culture now lost. Others want to be forward looking, adapting our church life in appropriate ways to meet the fresh challenges of our day.

  2. Jedi Rev:

    Thats too bad that Europe has come down to that. Where a 10,000 person denomination is one of its largest. But, I’m joyful that there is still a foot hold from God on the European continent, that can provide those looking, with answers. Keep up the blog, and your witty doubtingthomas rebuttals. They make me chuckle.

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