Mid-week Meetings – 1

Over the next few weeks I’ll be spending some time with my congregation looking at how we use our mid-week meetings.   There are probably some misunderstandings about what mid-week meetings are for, and who can, or should, attend.     This week, we’ll look at the format of our Wednesday night meetings.

Most weeks the meeting is a bible study.   The aim of these studies is to increase people’s working understanding of what the Bible teaches.   At the moment we’re working through a study on the person and work of Jesus.   Other times we will work through a particular book of the Bible, or focus on practical themes, e.g. prayer.   It is helpful if people have read the study notes before coming along, as the discussion closely follows the material we are studying, and the main purpose of this type of meeting is in-depth bible teaching.   These weeks, an elder will pray at the beginning of the meeting.

It’s helpful to think of prayer as the “engine room” of the church, so once a month (the first Wednesday) we devote the whole meeting to pray for the work and witness of our congregation.   A full set of prayer-notes are provided, ideally the Sunday before.   We read through these first and clarify points, if anyone has questions about them.   We then break into small groups and spend time in open prayer going through the items listed, and anything else people feel led to pray for.   If you can commit to only one Wednesday a month, this meeting would be the one I’d urge you to make time for.

Next time, we’ll think about who should be attending these meetings.